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i am a self-defined Nuyorican creative (that is a Puerto Rican who is from both the isles of Manhattan, NYC and the Caribbean). I share daily in the joy of education and live in a cute port town in New York, in a 'teensy-weensy' apartment with my two dogs and canary named Valentino. Check out my Etsy shop for purchasable pieces. Please do not reproduce imagery off of this site without explicit credit and no derivatives may be made of my original imagery- Thank You.

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Little Things that Add the Illusion of Decadence to my Daily Life...

For any one that knows me, they know that somedays are just not easy and like many of us, I'm faced with having to muster up the emotional strength and courage to face another onslaught of oncoming 'life' traffic. So to those days and to all of you who can use a little decadence in your lives (especially when affluence is not in the cards) here is a little post that I think might help since it helps me!

Reflective Pool - I love to scope out windows in NYC - call it window shopping for pics! photo by m.diaz of Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Window

Designer Treats CHEAP!

Gaultier for Target

Yes, as of March 7th Target has added Jean Paul Gaultier for TargetĀ® to their limited designer series and it make me smile! Anything that brings accessibility to the ordinarily exclusive makes me happy. Since my college days (way back when) I've been a fan of slip dresses and in this target collection there are two; a green, black and white one and a pink and black one and now I have both! Yay!

Bella Cucina Lemon Cream

Lemon Cream
This is one of those little opulent secrets I have that make me feel SO rich when I'm SSO not!! In the morning, I like to make some black tea and spread some of this Bella Cucina Artful Food Lemon Cream on raisin bread and mmm mmm mmmm! I just learned that this co. also has a blog called The Art of Food and there are often exquisite recipes shared! Bella also has a book entitled La Bella Vita Cookbook which includes not only more recipes but inspiration as well.

Mad Hatter at my back...TEA!!

Speaking of tea, I am a tea freak! I have a ridiculous attraction for a ceramic lined tea thermos and special tea-cups. Japanese green tea from Mitsuwa, but everyday is a black tea day.

Harney & Sons Paris Black tea

A good tried and true black tea the Tazo Earl Grey BUT for those extra special splurge days I have to give it to Harney & Sons Paris tea!

My personal advisees wearing my wares


There's an old adage that says you shouldn't be friends with your students, they have friends as it is and your job as an educator is to be removed from that. However, I find that idea prescribes to a very limited definition of friendship and it inhibits mentoring as an advisor. It is also an archaic form of education. We are people with stories, led by these narratives and by the very act of exchanging those stories we are developing friendships and mutual respect.

So needless to say, another joy of my daily life is teaching, sharing, GIVING and exchanging with younger and simply OTHER human beings. In this pic my personal advisees and I, their personal advisor, flaunt our holiday gifts to eachother! Click the pic to see the Mai Sweetshop rings I made for each of them.

All Things Japanese

Mitsuwa Bean Cake

Love, Love, Love japanese craft books and going down to Edgewater, New Jersey where there is an Asian market named Mitsuwa that provides you a miniature experience of transporting you to Japan. They sell the best grocery treats and have an in-house cafeteria where you can get the most amazing sweet bean cakes in the shape of fish! I love all things Japanese and these are no exception- always guaranteed to bring a smile to my face!!

Nature Walks and The Discovery Channel

from LIFE Dscvry Photo by Anup Shah

Going for long walks on a beautiful sunny day always makes me feel wondrously fortunate. After Planet Earth the next thing that gives me a sense of wonder and opulence is watching the new Discovery Channel series LIFE narrated by Oprah Winfrey. In this pic an African elephant calf follows its mother in Kenya's Masai Mara game reserve. Click to see this photo by Anup Shah Naturepl.com to see it larger. Watch this with a little metal silver cup of ice cream with a long silver spoon and you will feel like your being carried in a canopy over the world.

Ok Your turn!

There's more but this post is getting long enough as it is. Share with all of us - What adds a little bit opulence/decadence/luxury or simply what make you feel so RICH when your so not?


Charlotte's Tea Room- One of My Favorite Places when living an Art- full life!

While shopping for my own pocket full of sunshine this past summer, or as Edward would say 'my own personal brand of heroine' (which tea just happens to be for me), I discovered Charlotte's Tea Room in Warwick, NY.

Charlottes Tea Room in Warwick NY - photo by m.diaz

Whenever we visited historic Warwick (which is a around a 40 min drive away for us) we would drive by the big Tea Room sign and I would pine away for my desire to go inside...we were either headed toward the community center for a film, the arts and crafts community Sugar Loaf, Warwick's Drive-in and needing to pick up some late dinner or quaint store-front shopping and we therefore never made it in. Then this summer's issue of Where Women Create (as my readers know, I love that mag!!) actually featured Charlottes Tea Room and I was like "today we are going to Warwick with only the intention of going into that tea house!" And so we did!

Charlotte's is only an hour drive from NYC and it is an award winning Tea shop set inside a gorgeous Victorian home.

My teapot as part of my Queen's Tea order - photo by m.diaz

The restaurant utilizes three different rooms and a wrap-around porch and each have a different design theme! There is the Blue Willow Room which is laden with blue and white china (I want to sit in there next time), the Library which has an English 'cloak and dagger feel inspired by the board game Clue', and lastly the Garden room which is where I sat on my first visit. In each room the furniture and tableware reflects the theme.

So in the garden room all the tables are white wrought iron, the windows have topiaries and all the tea sets are embellished with flowers.

A shelf in the Garden Room of Charlotte's Tea Room - photo by m.diaz My cup of Paris Black tea - photo by m.diaz

I was there for lunch and was so impressed not only with the quality of the artistic culinary experience, but also the affordability! I ordered the Queen's tea, there was also the princess tea (and of course wee-tea's for the little ones!) and the menu also offers countless other options. My Queen's tea came with a large pot of tea (more than enough for two), a plate of salad, a large delicious scone, a sandwich of six rectangular cut mini tea-sandwiches AND dessert!! I chose Key-lime pie - yum! All of that was just $13 - Bet you can't beat that lunch fare experience anywhere in NYC!

My husband ordered his own entree, with the intentions of sharing only my tea, but he shared my scone and dessert too!

My Queen's tea order @ Charlotte's Tea Room! photo by m.diaz

We have researched recipes from England, Ireland, and our own grandmother's kitchen's to bring you sweets and savories, that will not only please your palate, but will be a delight to your eyes.

The hydrangea lamp on our table - photo by m.diaz So if this Labor Day weekend you're looking for a day trip that's really worth it- an experience that will transport you (like when the radio is chiming out the lyrics to the song Pocketful of Sunshine 'Take me away to a sweet escape...' consider a trip out to Warwick NY.

My Key Lime pie dessert choice -photo by m.diaz A shelf in the Garden Room in Charlotte's Tea Room - photo by m. diaz

As my loyal readers know, I almost flipped when I saw these fake cupcakes since I'm a big fan and maker of faux, Trompe l'oeil sweetness!

Charlotte's Tea Room Hours!!

Since Charlotte's Tea Room is so popular on the weekends and is only open Wed thru Sunday its best to call before heading over (so they can save a table!) - the number is (845) 988-9499
The tea room has recently been awarded the "Best of the Best" by Hudson Valley Magazine and a "Reader's Choice Award" by the Tea House Times, and Teamap has ranked them #1 in New York State!

The check in a tea-cup - photo by m.diazA table on the wrap-around porch at Charlotte's - photo by m.diaz<
So if you love tea, don't say I didn't tell you where to go!