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i am a self-defined Nuyorican creative (that is a Puerto Rican who is from both the isles of Manhattan, NYC and the Caribbean). I share daily in the joy of education and live in a cute port town in New York, in a 'teensy-weensy' apartment with my two dogs and canary named Valentino. Check out my Etsy shop for purchasable pieces. Please do not reproduce imagery off of this site without explicit credit and no derivatives may be made of my original imagery- Thank You.

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Primitive Folk Art, Fruition and Furnishings @ 18th Century Furniture 

I know we think the whole arts and crafts community has been 'Etsified'... but surprisingly some of it hasn't- which means you gotta do it the ol' fashioned way and go there to get it! So I thought I'd do a post where I bring it to you in hopes that one day you can make it there.

Manon VonUchtrup (Left) and Linda Gargano (Right)

Many people may not know I have a soft, mushy, heart spot for primitive, folk and country art. I guess moving out to bear country will do that to a person.

I've written about the wonderful arts and crafts community I found in Sugar Loaf, New York before (very close to Warwick NY great day trip from NYC).

Now I want to share a wonderful business collaboration that has just taken place between two of my all time FAVE Sugar Loaf business owners! Linda Gargano of Fruition and Manon Von Uchtrup from 18th Century Furniture and Builder- just think wood and fabric!

Aprons by Linda from Fruition available ONLY at 18th Century Furnishings and Builders in Sugar Loaf NY photo by m.diaz Prim Signs handmade by Manon VonUchtrup and she does CUSTOM! Housewares in an Antique Kitchen photo by m.diazHousewares from 18th Century Furnishings photo by m.diaz 18th Century Furniture and Builders owned by Peter and Manon VonUchtrup

All the wood furnishings you see in these pictures, in addition to the building itself was built by Woodworker Peter VonUchtrup! He is a phenomenal woodworker and like the Taj Majal, he built for love. He has equipped this space with all Manon's needs to make a bountiful, BEAUTIFUL space to sell her signs and fabric pieces as well that of others.

First Story of 18th Century Builders owned by Peter and Manon VonUchtrup of Sugar Loaf Handmade fabric crafts by Manon - most likely taught by Linda!

Recently Linda of fruition Dolls and gifts (a local SugarLoaf fabric design shop) was about to fold and close its doors.

Manon, I and others love Linda's fabric shop so much and we shuddered at the thought of losing Linda, her shop and her amazing sewing classes. So what happened?

Manon being the amazing and savvy business owner she is, decided wood is only a compliment to fabric. She altered her 18th Century shop to house all of Linda's ware's within it. In addition, she altered the second story to make a stunning spot within which Linda can continue to teach her sewing classes, which I am a die hard fan of.

Linda Gargano in front of the Quilt Chest at Manon's 18th Century Furnishings shop photo by m.diaz Handmade Primitive Folk Art Wares at 18th Century FurnishingsEntrance with Wood Furnishings and Linda's Bags photo by m.diaz Antique shoes at !8th Century Furnishings and Builders photo by m.diaz

Ok So now the next time your Antique loving heart says I want to take a drive out to the country and see some shops - Because of me- you know where to go! Sugar Loaf is an easy day trip from New York City. Both of these business owners do commission and custom if you are interested in doing a MAIL ORDER please click the links at the beginning of this post for their contact info and contact them via email or phone to place an order. But I have even one better for you- These lovely ladies will be at a craft fair in Vernon NJ in two weeks and I have all the info:

Saturday, April 17th from 10am - 4pm
at the Minerals Resort, 2 Chamonix Drive, Vernon NJ 07462

No worries -I haven't forgotten tomorrow is the GIVEAWAY - so get those comments posted, leave your emails/blog/website address and start thinking about that special number that you're going to comment about tomorrow BEFORE 9pm!!

-Ciao Amarettogirl


Design Finds from Saugerties, NY 

bird candle from Green in Saugerties NY

I bought this grey bird candle at a great shop called GREEN in Saugerties, NY. Their motto of 'recycle and reuse' is evident as you walk into their shop and see their fresh design eye through the layout of both refurnished and repurposed, new and old products a like. Their aesthetic is modern, clean and slightly eclectic as you walk down aisles of beautiful wood tables, retro chairs and antique aluminum doll houses that evoke times past with a nod towards modernity. Not to mention that their business card is one of those cool new 'green' business cards that you can plant and grow wildflowers with!

I also bought these amazing aluminum bird cabinet knobs at Green.

my new drawer pulls bought at Green designed by Te-Ma

The sweet folks at Green shared that they got these knobs from a Woodstock based studio and online shop called Te-ma, so glad to know since I want to get more for the rest of my bureau drawers!!!!

sweet dog figurines made in Japan that I bought at a Saugerties thrift shop

Here are another couple of great finds from Saugerties' Happy Paws Thrift shop. I walked in soon after a large shipment of dog figurines had just been donated to the thrift shop- the mother-load, a full table laden with figurines. I got each of these two gems made in Japan for $2. each and a whole bag of dollar figurines to play with in my crafts!

My hub and I love toys and always stop in on unique toy shops as well. We found this great toy-shop called Tinker Toys in Woodstock Ny where I fell in love with this magnetic building balance/construction toy called Equilique designed by sculptor John Perry!! If you have a chance please click on the Equilique site - its amazing and you won't be sorry since my pics don't do the toy any justice as to what it is actually capable of!

Equilique by sculptor John Perry photo by marisol diaz detail of Quili acrobat 1 photo by m. diazdetail of Quili acrobat 2 photo by m. diaz