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i am a self-defined Nuyorican creative (that is a Puerto Rican who is from both the isles of Manhattan, NYC and the Caribbean). I share daily in the joy of education and live in a cute port town in New York, in a 'teensy-weensy' apartment with my two dogs and canary named Valentino. Check out my Etsy shop for purchasable pieces. Please do not reproduce imagery off of this site without explicit credit and no derivatives may be made of my original imagery- Thank You.

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My First Ladies Mini Art Retreat is almost here!

So along with saying goodbye to one of the best summers in a while and adding an insane amount of color onto the chicken coop, saying farewell to the college bound in my life and working on my physical self, I have just developed a mini one day Women's Art Retreat to kiss away the year. I hope it is the first of many.

I am super happy with the write up, a two page brochure, which you can see by clicking here:

CREATIVELY CONSCIOUS a Mini Art Day Retreat for Women

I only feel remiss about the space limitations of 7 participants which is practically complete pending on one last confirmation. But like I said, hopefully this is just the beginning of many more in a variety of locations.

Caring deeply about empowering women to live with confidence and creativity in their daily lives is something that I am very passionate about. On too many occasions I find myself coaching women who I know are bursting at the seams with untapped potential to let it out and shine. So why not create a master place and time for it? Better yet, why not set a day to support, playfully push, creatively prod and unleash each other!

An altered book page by Artist Gregg Emery

This weekend's class will use press-less printmaking techniques and the altered book as a vehicle for expression, investigation and rejuvenation. Altered books allow for so much creative versatility and are the perfect fusion between sketchbook and journalling. The following pics are some examples of altered books done my hub and I.

A Frida altered book page by marisol diaz

A Valentine altered book page by marisol diaz

Altered book illustrations by artist Gregg Emery

Being the artist/cook that he is, my hub is making tea-sandwiches despite the fact that he will not be attending the day!

I've developed a syllabi and lesson plan for the day that is enlightening despite skill and comfortability level. I just can't wait!

I'll be sure to document it all here so that you can join us despite distance.


Ciao Amarettogirl

Reader Comments (4)

i like your pictures and the pages that gregg did. i bought a roller for my stamp! and i cant wait to hear how this retreat works out!

August 25, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterlightfoot

I love this post.
Gregg's artwork is beautiful :)

August 26, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterNicole

Very excited and SO priviliedged to be a part of your 1st Mini Ladies Art Retreat. Looking forward to the whole experience. OXOX

August 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSharon <3

It was great to hear from you again, sorry it took me so long to respond.
Introductions were this week, although unfortunately I didn't make it through the entire week. Regular classes are starting this Monday and I can't wait to see what that's like.
Your sketches look great, as always! And I was very excited to see you went to a Sas Christian show.
Work of Art is awesome, thanks for the tip! I don't think they'll be airing it here, but I watched the first episode online and loved it. I was always a fan of Project Catwalk, but this is even better, although I do miss Tim Gunn.

That post on NYC shops was so cool, I will keep them all in mind if I ever get the chance to go there again. I didn't even know there was a Papabubble here in Amsterdam, but I'll be sure to visit it when I'm in the neighborhood.

How exciting that one of your favorite students is following in your footsteps:) I googled MICA and it has a very cool website. Everytime you tell me about all those colleges you make me want to move to the States;) At our academy we have to do internships and I did hear some people do that in the US. That'd be cool. But I'd still have to wait another year or two... or three:P

Have fun with the chickens, and of course the retreat. I love that idea and I'm sure it'll be so much fun, you'll do a post on how it went, right?

August 28, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBlue Eyed Night Owl

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