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i am a self-defined Nuyorican creative (that is a Puerto Rican who is from both the isles of Manhattan, NYC and the Caribbean). I share daily in the joy of education and live in a cute port town in New York, in a 'teensy-weensy' apartment with my two dogs and canary named Valentino. Check out my Etsy shop for purchasable pieces. Please do not reproduce imagery off of this site without explicit credit and no derivatives may be made of my original imagery- Thank You.

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Two days left before my opening....

flyer click to see

There are now only two days left before my opening. I have to go buy frames today (I still need around 7 more) and as many artists know, financially frames begin to add up, costing a pretty penny.

I'm also beginning to work on the artist statement for the show. In the past my threads of work are often developed by a concept, quote or self-definitory aspect of my belief system.

However this time my work was really inspired by an image. I have a small collection of antique books and while perusing one of them, I came across this image that really moved me. It's entitled Gladiator Fighting a Lion and its a sketch of a marble sculpture found in BAVARIA with no artist attributed to the drawing. The title means little to me - its the image itself that really moves me.

I thought I'd share that image with you today.

I'm not too affected by the gladiator aspect of this image as I am the continuos futile struggle with the natuarlistic/animalistic part of who we are. And I'm curious - What does this image make you think of?-

Ciao Amarettogirl

P.S. I've been chatting with a special indie business owner about a possible giveaway that is good for Gals AND Guys! Coming soon so stay TUNED!.

Reader Comments (6)

this reminds me of bernini: http://homepages.newnet.co.uk/martynarnold/rome2/bernini_proserpina3.jpg

what am i thinking when i see that image? umm... FIESTY

April 8, 2010 | Unregistered Commenteremi

This image is absolutely beautiful! I can definitely see where you got your inspiration from, and I can definitely see the connection between your poster image and this one. When I see this image, I think of intricate oriental china patterns (weird, right?) Well, I think of the pretty porcelain teapots and teacups with the pretty blue oriental patterns on them.

Or, I may just be crazy).

April 8, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterHanna

wow, it is a really awesome image. It almost looks like a passionate love between the two., a real sadness before parting, like not wanting to let go, trying to control nature.

All really cool stuff.

April 8, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterisabella

I agree with Isabella. It's like the gladiator is hugging the lion. Although the lion has really sad eyes. Maybe it's not a gladiator, it's a vampire. lol

Gee, two days for the oppening! How's the heart beating control going?
Frames do cost a lot. Can't you expose without them? I don't know what you're planning, so it's just a shot. The frame on your flyer picture looks great, though.

VocĂȘ recebeu o meu email???


April 8, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLilian

Wow, I can't believe it's tomorrow already. I hope you found some amazing frames that can somehow live up to your work.

The image reminded me of Hercules, because he has that bear cape form the bearhe killed. And also the question whether we are more human or still animals.

xoxo Laura

P.S. I sent you a message through the contact page, hopefully it worked.

April 9, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBlue Eyed Night Owl

I gasped when i saw the picture it kind of did not give me the idea of fighting but for some reason trying to tame. This might sound stupid but to me it looks like a man who is hugging the lion trying to get him to calm and find the humaness inside of it since the lion seems sort of out of it.;) It also looks like the man is trying to tame himself or ratrher keep the animal from coming out of him.

Well, that is just my interpretation, i love how everyone sees so many diffrent meanings init.

Tmrw is your gallery, i really hope i can attend it but as i said we have people over. Mom and dad are going to ask them if they want to come to your gallery if they want to thats awesome! but if they dont well i cant object. Soory again i really looked fowad to seeing you and your gallery i really do i hope i see you. LOVES YA! xoxoxoxoxo

April 9, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterRina

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