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visual artist and writer marisol diaz

i am a self-defined Nuyorican creative (that is a Puerto Rican who is from both the isles of Manhattan, NYC and the Caribbean). I share daily in the joy of education and live in a cute port town in New York, in a 'teensy-weensy' apartment with my two dogs and canary named Valentino. Check out my Etsy shop for purchasable pieces. Please do not reproduce imagery off of this site without explicit credit and no derivatives may be made of my original imagery- Thank You.

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Fresh Canadian Geese Not Bacon


Another take on May 'fresh' life... beautiful babies walking in perfect natural order.


May Flowers

SPC May Challenge: FreshIMG_7220.JPG

There is nothing FRESHER than May Flowers. After all the rain, cold and waiting, new life (renewal) is finally here in all its splendor.

IMG_7222.JPGIMG_7223.JPG selfportraitchallenge

San Souci - Without Cares/No worries

SPC challenge Absurd week 2


San Souci is loose French for "without cares", or "carefree". It is the name of the palace that I visited in Potsdam Germany, just outside of Berlin. It was the summer palace of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia at Potsdam. With its extensive views of the vineyard and man-icured nature of the countryside, Frederick wanted to reside there sans souci ("without a care") and to follow his personal, wine-making and artistic interests. Hence, the palace was intended for the use of Frederick and his private guests only during the summer months, from the end of April to the beginning of October. By guests I mean male guests only. He informed his wife immediately upon marriage that as soon as his dad died she would be set up in another house apart from him. In addition, he loved his palace so much he was buried there with his seven dogs.

What's absurd here you might ask...well let me see, so much wealth (though much more intimate than Versailles), the 'men only' club, the charade of a marriage and the fact that on this day I am standing on that special space thinking...yeah that would be a sweet life - sansouci, my dogs and me! Absurd!

Psychotic. 450px-Potsdam_-_Schloss_Sanssouci.jpgThis pic is from Wikipedia

SPC Challenge-April Week1 - ABSURD

Silly Wabbit Trix R 4 Kids!!!


ABSURDITY -This is me at work, on a day when Cirque Du Soleil was my bastion of hope. On a day when I believed the only work I should HAVE to do is the same as the bear when it comes out of hibernation, the wolf when it howls, the child when it frolics. The limitations of our work should be based on the potential of our human form's creative capability and imagination, greeting the dawn everyday with a salutation of joy of gratefulness. Isn't that absurd?

The Full Ensemble (click to see larger)
The Nose (click to see larger)
Sister Wendy (Gregg) & me

SPC-Week 3 (The Politics of My Face) The Golden Ratio

SPC challenge-Politcal Week 3


Dr. Marquardt conducts research on human attractiveness. He published his golden Ratio theory a few years ago online. The idea is as follows; since many things in nature that are beautiful can be mathematical analyzed to that of the Golden Phi, key_seashell_Small.giflike the symmetry of a sunflower, pinecones and the spiral of a sea-shell, so too can one look at some of the most beautiful celebrity faces and mathematically realize that they equate to the golden ratio.

As you can see here, I do not have a golden ratio face. Dr. Marquardt designed 'a mask' that could be placed over a photograph and illustrate the golden ratio over what you currently have. In this way you could see what needs to be augmented and perhaps even have your plastic surgeon use the mask as a guide for alteration. Though Dr. Marquardt tries to state a mission of empowerment via his studies...I do not prescribe to this structure - not because my face doesn't fit the mask and who wouldn't want it to? But because some greater force designed my face just as it is! And like every good West Side Puerto Rican -'I feel pretty!'